Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Progress #7 : Two weeks later ...

... Yes, two busy weeks. So let's go to the point: How much project changed in meantime.

My estimations of work was pretty accurate. After two weeks that I spend on porting editor I can for sure say that port is still not finished but at least in usable state which you can see bellow:

But there are still some bugs which will take some time to figure out how to fix them. To give you example how time consuming such a task can be : 

I spend four days tracing why resources weren't released. I were debugging game, writing code for resource tracing and after all that I finally found the source of problem. Of course it wasn't resource system but the difference between Windows and Linux. Atomic functions behave there a little bit different. Change in 2 lines of my low level code, moment of waiting to compile everything and done. Sound simple but it really wasn't. 

But well such a life of programmer. Bugs like this are nice because you have occasion to develop some tools that can be use later. In this case I added code which allowing me to log with callstack: creating / increment of ref counting / decrements of ref counting / destroying for specified resources. Because it was nicely implemented it will stay in code and for sure will help me in future problems.

So you can see game works:

Editor works (Yes I know that drawing area is shifted to right. This is one of bugs that I still don't know why happening and I already spend on it like two days :/)

So I think that if there will be no bigger problems soon I should be able to resume animation task :]



  1. I love the picture of Citadel island and I am glad that you did not fave up after all!
    Good job!

    1. Well I'm still have big plans about exteriors :) I think about better terrain system, foliage and a lot nice things. But all this need to wait. First small demo with prison.

    2. Greg, what do you think about video clips between some scenes? Like boat video or something?
      And I also wonder if you will implement to the game not only the rain, but other weather changes, or maybe even time, day-night changing?

    3. My initial thoughts about this videos were: in game cinematic. How it will go we will see when I will get to this point.

      About weather I still didn't thought much about this, I have so much other things to do. But quickly thinking I would need first to figure out how climate and night-day cycle would work on planet.

      The description in intro of LBA1 is that planet has stabilized it rotational plane between two suns. Adding to this picture in background and we see that there would be no such'a thing as night :/ If I want to add them I would need to read more about real dual sun solar systems and probably modify the story :D it can be done but will require some research.