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Anatomy of LBA: Part 3

Without future introduction: "Anatomy of LBA: Part 3" begin :D

Anatomy of Little Big Adventure
(Part3 : Grobos)

Once again lets check what our old good have to say:
Grobo - An elephant-like race. These characters are gentle oafs who try to stay out of trouble. They do, however, have their character and their own particular quirks: they enjoy picking, gathering and DIY jobs. In fact they enjoy everything. They are cooperative and hard-working even if some of them are not exactly Nobel prize winners."
- Official LBA 2 site

The Grobos are spread everywhere around the planet, and are not centered in one place. In Little Big Adventure 1, grobo clones are also very common.
So once again we get bunch of useful information. But in the same time we missing a lot of them. There is no culture, history anything. But well we will cover this topic probably in one of following posts. 

Right now let's focus on their anatomy:

As you see most of it is: straight forward. Standing elephant with some small modifications so it make sense. Only really big issue were hands. How to make them look nice with rest of the body and in the same time functional?

I thought a lot about it but didn't had good idea. And here again came with helpful hand my friend and great artist (which I could probably even call my art master :) ) Teo Yong Jin. After talk with him about my problem, he once again resolve it with one picture of Jim Henson work. And in the fact this was what I was searching for. Problem solved.

Small digression: It's funny how sometimes we try resolve some hard problem on which another have answer right away :D You just need to ask right people.

So we have all information about how they are build. The rest information is height which is almost the same as Quetches ~1.55-1.60 meter. With lifespan I decided they will be the longest living race  ~110 years just because it somehow fell right. The rest will be the same as in Twinsunica description because I like it.


Grobos anatomy was funny to do :D But well the race itself still hiding a lot of secrets we will try to uncover in next posts in series. Yeah I decided to continue with it even after we will finish with races.

There is still so much to uncover: galaxy, planet, flora, fauna, history, religion, believes. All of them looks fun to do. If you want to hear any of them first just give info in comment. But well next week we finishing with races: Quetches. 

Till the next time

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