Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Basic locomotion system

This week started really nice :] After all this weeks without working game there is once again some basic locomotion system :] Some part of it are already better then previous one some other not but well slowly project will get to position where this everything will work nicely.  

In new movie you can find how new animation system look and some bugs I was dealing with:

Of course this is only begin and in future there should be a lot new stuff.



  1. Hi there!
    I used to keep the track on every LBA related project on the web not too long ago, but then it all went into absolute blank. Until now!
    I'm very happy to see you're back on track, congratulations!!
    I also need to tell you that i'm interest in taking part of the project if you like. I'm an illustrator and artist, and i really love the LBA universe (and wished for too long to see anything new related to it come to life).
    Here is my portfolio adress for you to check: alejandromachado.daportfolio.com
    Hope you check it! Bye!

    1. Hi,

      I know that there is not a lot of LBA related projects this days. I think that this one is the last. But well it never stopped from day I started it. There was just some time when I didn't shown almost any in game footage because I was working hard on upgrades of tech.

      I try to check all comments and reply on most of them. To answer yours I send you the e-mail on address from portfolio (You have really nice arts there). :]


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