Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dark depths of development

Last two weeks like always we fall into dark depths of development. Slowly carving our stuff and preparing them for another show. In sucha moments I always feel a little bit bad when I see how other projects in matters of weeks changing quickly, growing and then I'm stop feeling bad. Mostly because very often they disappear as quick as they shown and Little Big Adventure Remake still exist.

So we still doing what we should do and we do it in bigger team:] We joined our forces with music Jesse Gorter. If this name sound familiar to you it's probably because you could hear a lot of his music in our previous preview videos. 

Long story short: We cooperate with him for long time but now he is officially one of CoffeMonsters member and have access to all the stuff we do :)

He right now creating alternative soundtrack to L.B.A. We plan to use this tracks for Remake but you never know he may change his mind and make even more awesome music in the end. We will see what future will bring.

Aside from that like always Alejandro working on design trying to bring new look to game. I'm dived again into low level code and doing some under hood changes for engine and tools. I planned them for long time but I never had occasion, mood or time to do them. I decided that now is good moment and well I'm still stuck there. Fixing what I broke, fighting with quick hacks that I introduced and staring using new cool features :) I cannot wait to utilize full potential of them.

So as you see project is still alive stronger than ever.


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