Sunday, 29 May 2016

L.B.A. Preview 15

Yep it's this time of year, were we have new preview. This time number 15 which by coincident is exactly the same number as internal build number :)

As you can see this time there are some visible new gameplay elements which give slightly impression that this may be even game :] Just slight of course but as you see project going forward and we don't lying saying this all the time.

But well this milestone is behind and we can move to next one: Recovering some basics of movie system with editor to bring back moving platforms in sewers and prison. When it will be done I don't know but we try our best :)



  1. That is pretty impressive. With modern graphics it's interesting to see what a Quech would look like. it's a shame the game spends most of the time in a blue tunic because it be interesting to dress up your own character. Nice work! looking forward to seeing more updates!!

    1. Hi, First thanks for support. What you see in this video is just beginning of whole process of improvements. I need to say that I never thought about blue tunic as some problem mostly because I always seen it as "key" to Twinsen skills. We have some ideas how to explain this further but it's to early to speak about this :)