Monday, 5 June 2017

Movement - the beginning

This time something different but first I will point out culprit behind idea you will read in this post:

In this forum thread Polaris wrote message containing:
"eh another cool-sounding project that will never see the light of day"
Now lets move to point. I will probably really regret this later but well maybe it won't be so bad. As you know 7 years passed. Game looking a lot better, technology improved a lot, we slowly moving in right direction but non of you had occasion to even try of stuff I working on.

Some people would say I could just share what I have but I don't think this is so easy as it sound. I don't want to give you game right now because of few reason:
  1. When I records Video Preview I try not to show everything I have done in levels so when you will finally play game you had fun of exploring.
  2. This is work in progress which change sometimes from day to day. This results sometimes in stability issues.
  3. I test game on one machine which is convenient because I don't need to switch between multiple ones. But may results in some problems on different configurations.
You may agree with this or not. Of course I still want to share somehow work I doing. I had this idea of some kind of "Tech demo" which you could download and see some game mechanics. And I think we getting really close to it. I will try to wrap this:

Into playable version :) Thanks to that you will be able to see how game work and I will be able to check how engine behave on different machines. But this is not the end of story. 

Because this is my starting point and I will be improving movement system I would release from time to time newer version so you could see all changes that I done :) 

What do you think about this ? I really would like to hear your opinion :)


  1. Launch a game demo! Closed beta! Which engine do you use? Need help?

    1. It's to early for game demo but I will for sure release tech demo I talk here about. I had at some point group of people that had access to game but this went badly because I have sometimes long iteration time over big features.

      Engine is White Rabbit Engine which is my custom engine created for this project.

      About help I wrote to you in project page comments: message me using facebook or email and we will talk.

    2. Well I'm Brazilian, my profession is (DBA) I usually work with Unreal Engine 4 in some projects without conclusion, only by robi same. But if I'm useful to you, you can count on me! Twinsen odyssey is my childhood game and you're doing a great job, I'll do whatever it takes to make it work!

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