Saturday, 16 May 2015

Progress #1

This time short summary what changing. For last two weeks I hardly ever start game which may sound bad. But it's not so bad because I work in editor. Which like I mentioned few times earlier work right now almost like game :]

So effects of my work visually can be summary like this : 

In details I spend a lot of time improving my RTTI (objects properties) to support dynamic arrays. Like always sound easy but like most of the time it's not. There are still few things I need to resolve but generally think I'm almost finished. So finally I can return too work on moving animation to resource. 

This is good news because this feature will be use a lot in game and should improve my workflow a lot. Of course in meantime there will be few changes, improvement and probably a lot swear words commenting my irritation why something not work the way I thought it work. But such a life.

Like always you can find current stuff I work on in progress page (yep I still update it).


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