Sunday 9 October 2016

In between #2

With each day we are coming closer to new video preview and I know that its suppose to be already out but this time you need to wait a little bit longer. This is fully my fault and well ... I don't feel too bad about it. Week of proper vacation without doing anything on computer was really nice. In the end I really regretted that I even packed my laptop to my bag and was caring it around. But well next time I won't make the same mistake and will just leave it at home.

So there was this week missing from our development time but the rest was also a little bit sloppy. I was resting a lot and doing a little but now once again development moving forward.

We done a lot of changes in way we handle physics in engine and we plan to continue this work for a little bit longer. Like always this broke some of the stuff and now I try to recover everything I find.

This changes require some changes in out object properties system which happening right now. This is not easiest change which require a lot of caution because one not noticed mistake may cost us later really a lot of time.

Next pretty big change was done in animation system. I maybe should call even extending because we added some functionalities we need for next game features. But ended changing some of existing one.

On top of that all we experimenting in free time on look of Citadel Island. I expect that in 1-2 weeks we should have new video showing all this features and probably a little bit more :)