Tuesday 24 November 2015

So what next ....

This week there won't be anything fancy like last week :] There won't be movies, won't be bugs just one screenshot from editor which probably won't tell most of you to much. But for this interested this is visualization of my Cascaded Shadow Maps implementation:

Nothing too fancy :] Three colors that you see on screen mean that given geometry will  be using different shadow maps. Pretty basic techniques in current games.

If you think that this look weird then you are right. This is just visualization of first part of work, there is still a lot of issues and artifacts. The rest well wait till I finish small changes in render system. I plan them for some time and thanks to this work I had finally occasion to do them :]

So see you soon with another bunch of development news.


Tuesday 17 November 2015

Basic locomotion system

This week started really nice :] After all this weeks without working game there is once again some basic locomotion system :] Some part of it are already better then previous one some other not but well slowly project will get to position where this everything will work nicely.  

In new movie you can find how new animation system look and some bugs I was dealing with:

Of course this is only begin and in future there should be a lot new stuff.


Saturday 14 November 2015

Another boring post ....

Weeks of works silence in development and trying to convince you that I still work on project :] I wouldn't be surprised if some of you lost hope for it. But well such a life of lonely Developer...

... but maybe not so lonely anymore. Even if I still do most of stuff alone I start to see that I'm surrounded by people who supporting me with they work, time and supporting words when I need them. For all of that I'm really grateful. 

From the fog of silence ..

Today I can finally show you some more effects of my work:

This is of course still really early state. I control character using game pad which I use to trigger different behaviors. Character don't move because there is still not recovered movements in game (this will be my next goal) there are also missing animation events. But right now all of this is not so important I'm happy that I finally started to use new system in game and wanted to share this little joy with you. We will slowly get to level where game will work again.

For this who are interested in development details this is animation graph that I using for this presentation.

For this who are curious what I think about this tool: I think it's shitty like hell. With this screen I wanted to show you just idea behind it. In reality this is early prototype I use to figure out what I will need to manage system and how I want it to behave. 

How to play ?

This is second thing I started working on. What kind of control scheme you would like to see in game? What control devices you use? Is this x360 pad, keyboard, keyboard + mouse, mouse or something else ? Do you have some games which you think are great reference for control in Little Big Adventure Remake? I would really appreciate all feedback.

The last thing (but not less important).

Progress/Planning pages. I was changing my living place somewhere around that time and I completely forgot about it. It wasn't updated in months ( Why none of you complained about this ;( ? ). 

I will try to bring it back to life but this may take some time because I need to iterate over all 207 check-in logs to figure out all changes :/


Thursday 12 November 2015

Dr. FunFrock

This who with Twinsen saved world or two know who FunFrock is. For this who don't know he is this evil professor who created clones. Thanks to them he started ruling world. But even this wasn't enough for him. Why? What he was searching for? Is this important in the end? He is the bad guy ! Who look like that:

If all his deeds weren't enough: he kidnap Zoe. Your beloved one. Why? Even after all this time I don't know. What was the point of sparing her life? He even dragged her to Sendell's Well? 

What I suspect she could be key to all what was hidden there. But why and how I won't tell now. You will need to wait till the release of the game. There you will find the story parts which you still don't know.

Thanks a lot for my Great Art Master Teo Yong Jin for this really inspiring picture of FunFrock.


Monday 2 November 2015


This post suppose to be continuation of last post but who cares :] we will return to that topic on other occasion. This post will be about stuff on which I thought recently:

What kind of hero should be Twinsen ?

In theory Twinsen already exist in game but in practice like I mention earlier it's just a sketch to which I would like to add some more soul. Alone I won't be able to make this wish come true. But with your help this may be possible. So help me and tell me why you like Twinsen as hero and what cool stuff you would like him to do in remake ? Your answers will allow me to recreate him in a way he will be hero of us all.