Thursday 26 February 2015

Prison stories.

CoffeMonsters officially exist for almost week. This was really tough time. Mostly because I limited amount of drank coffee to one cup a day. It's hard to stick with this decision but you cannot imagine how good this one cup taste for me . 

Of course this is not only change that were done. There is also new logo. Isn't it cool ? About development itself there is not to much to say. Mostly because you can see all of changes in details on progress page. If you want me to describe some topic more just mention it I will try to find time for this. I'm also curious if you like this way of presenting progress?

But well all of this is nice but this is not topic I want to discuss. I want to move more into development of remake and my thoughts how it should be done. So let's start from the begin:


Everybody who started L.B.A. at last once know this level. You may love it or hate it. For me the first experience wasn't something nice. I was then just a kid and I couldn't get out from cell. It was first barrier to start game.

For sure this is something that need to be addressed in remake. But this it's not something oblivious:
  1. New players shouldn't feel lost in game.
  2. Old players shouldn't be bothered with some boring introduction/tutorial that take their time.
  3. Its need to be in harmony with story of original game.
  4. If somebody will play again shouldn't be boring of the story there.
  5. Its need to be fun.
  6. The best if it was done in a way it can be use to introduce each new mechanic for player.
In theory very generic things but important one. I would like my remake to be more like L.B.A.2 where there is nice introduction which allow you smoothly start the game. I think that original L.B.A. 1 missed this nice introduction. But maybe there was something in original design but didn't ended in final game ? Who know.

I have some idea how to do it. I even started some tests but it's still to early to talk if this is good direction or not. 

The rest of the level is done really well in my opinion. There is nice story behind it and it's logical. The only thing that it would be nice to have is marking somehow characters that have key (maybe keys hanging from their belt ?). But I'm not 100% sure if this will end in game we will see.

This are my thoughts about this level. I'm really curious about your experience which was probably different than my. I would like for sure to hear it because it would allow me to make remake even better.


Saturday 21 February 2015

New begin ...

Once upon a time there was a kid who loved games. He loved them so much that one day he started learning how to make them. It wasn't an easy task, but he continued forging his skills and gathering the experience necessary to build a game. During his journey, he found other dreamers who shared a similar goal.

Our kid grew with each year, participated in a few indie projects, and even started working in the professional game development industry. At this point, his story could have ended, but his dream was larger than that, so he started his own small project.

Not everybody believed that he can succeed in his efforts. Time passed and his project grew bigger, more complicated, and at the same time more beautiful. But everything needs change, such are the basics of this world. That's why today,  21-05-2015, "Angelus Production" stops making games and in its place is born:

The goal is still the same "Little Big Adventure Indie Remake", so don't worry, I'm not throwing away my dreams - I'm still the same small boy who started this journey. What the future brings - I don't know, but it looks brighter than ever before.

To be continued...

Greg Wojciechowski