Sunday 31 May 2015

Progress #3

Another week, another progress but sadly slow. I done what I could with amount of time I had. There is not a lot but I need to say I'm satisfy with results.

So let's move to this week changes: I finally started to use SQLite as a database to wrStringID (this sis class containing {Hash(Text), Text} I know it have a lot of names i.e. SID ). Thanks to use of database I can recover text with just Hash. I planed this for some time because this is in my opinion nice and clean solution. But I just never had occasion to do it. But it shown with animation progress. 

To do this task I needed few developer tools. Right now they working and are usable inside editor. They are not specific for this one use case so they will be for sure be handy in future. And in the fact this is only bigger things I were able to do. The rest is just bunch of small changes to support new stuff and fix few issues.

From less technical stuff: I found some time to post new tweet with rabbibunny and do some new wallpaper which you can find above (I really like how this one look ). If you would like to see some specific wallpaper/art or info about project just give me info I'm open on propositions. 


Tuesday 26 May 2015

Something special ...

This time something special for people that still believe in remake. It's great that there are people who support this project. I want to believe that in future there will be even more of them. Because Little Big Adventure is the game we love and don't want it to be forgotten.


Sunday 24 May 2015

Progress #2

This week was a little bit crazy and because of that tiring so not too much to update. I'm still stuck at works with moving animation system to resource. There are small progress but most po week I worked on something requesting less focus. 

To be specific it were new project generator and Linux port. To launch game on Linux left linking of game DLL and building Executables. And of course runtime issue later :] but let's believe it won't be so bad (No I too don't believe in this). To finish port fully I need to build tool-set but slowly.

Other thing that was done this week is wallpaper that you can find above. Next week I will try to focus more on animations to be after it finally return to work on game.


Saturday 16 May 2015

Progress #1

This time short summary what changing. For last two weeks I hardly ever start game which may sound bad. But it's not so bad because I work in editor. Which like I mentioned few times earlier work right now almost like game :]

So effects of my work visually can be summary like this : 

In details I spend a lot of time improving my RTTI (objects properties) to support dynamic arrays. Like always sound easy but like most of the time it's not. There are still few things I need to resolve but generally think I'm almost finished. So finally I can return too work on moving animation to resource. 

This is good news because this feature will be use a lot in game and should improve my workflow a lot. Of course in meantime there will be few changes, improvement and probably a lot swear words commenting my irritation why something not work the way I thought it work. But such a life.

Like always you can find current stuff I work on in progress page (yep I still update it).


Monday 4 May 2015

Tech time 2: new-old properties widget

So the last tech time mentioned changes in threading of editor. This change may look small in first glimpse but in reality it was really challenging task. I needed to make transition from monolithic application where almost everything happen in one thread to system which work like game.

Right now I can tell I succeeded but in the same time I cannot say I finished. There is still need for a lot of changes in editor and tools to fit new threading setup. Today I  will talk about one of the biggest one:

Properties panel 

Today I can say that most important part of work is finished and rest will be added with time. Bellow you can see effects of last month programming.

Looks almost the same like old one, right? If you think this way than I'm happy because the biggest change is not in its look but in the code that handle it.