Sunday 14 May 2017

L.B.A. Preview 19

When I writing this it's late afternoon but sun still shines nicely, lighting up clay figures standing on my windows. In background there is sound of yet another random song that is played from YouTube and smell of coffee from Montreal.

One of my friend Joël send it to me recently and its taste as good as I remember ... this brings back a lot of memories. But memories are not only thing that it's bringing. There is also reflection how long making of Little Big Adventure Remake takes. Three years ago I thought that I getting closer to finish line. But well from change to change, improvements after improvement and whole idea of finishing went somewhere faraway... this fill my heart with hesitation mixed with grief.

This thoughts cross my mind only for second. Compilation finishes, time to test another improvement that I done. Taking slip of coffee in meantime of waiting for load and ... crash. Why? Nervously looking into debugger trying figure out what happen. 

One of features done yesterday crashed. Didn't expect to crash there but well with code base growing so much in recent years its getting harder and harder to manage and predict everything. Quick cleanup around this part of code, fixing crash, adding additional validations so it never occur again, quick compilation and another slip of coffee.

It's works ... Smile showing on my face when I see game on my screen.

After while of testing time to check in new code and move to another task from my long list.

To be continued ...