Sunday 23 July 2017

Break ...

First half of the year is already behind use and I need to say that this was really intense time. Unplanned release of "playable(*)" tech demo, a lot changes in technology driving the game and finally seriously approaching to the story. From things not related to project I started work in Unity Technologies and generally there is a lot happening in my life.

All of this combined put some stress on my body and mind so I finally decided that it is the best time to slow down a little bit and recharge my batteries. Probably in the end this will not help with my head which never was really ok (I working on this project for 7 years nobody normal would do this) but at least body will rest.

What this "slow down" mean? This mean I will stop coding in home for some time.  

What it don't mean? It don't mean that project is dropped. It still developing just in a little bit different way. I'm more writer and designer now.

So far this going pretty well. Thanks to youtubers who published play thru of game I could easily write down whole story from first game and based on that recreate it in the way that new version tackle the problems I seen in original story. This step is almost done for this remake scope but ... (why there always need to be "but" :/) 

We have two games that build whole Twinsun Universum and I want people to see consistency between them even if I work just on remaking of first one. That is why now I checking Little Big Adventure 2 story and make some adjustments to my story based on Little Big Adventure 1. This is not simplest thing but we will get there. 

Now you know what I do for project: a lot of story telling, watching games walk thru and doodling around L.B.A related stuff. I'm getting more and more excited and terrified about project. All of this in the same time :)    


(*) A lot of people found game hard to control so it's kind of playable and not in the same time. 

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Another weeks behind us. You probably once again wonder what happening in the project. Truth is a lot and a little in the same time :)

I don't really remember stuff I was working on for this last few weeks. There were some fixes a lot of improvements. There were some gameplay changes and breaking changes in animation system. Generally all this blending together in my memory right now.

Good news is I still know on what I working right now : Animation system improvements and organizing game. First one is like always: coding coding, coding. This is why I will skip details this time :)

"Organizing game" sound a lot more interesting and it is. I finally decide to "dump" content of my head and create some kind of design document. This should save me when I will be lost.

This document wil contain all kind of stuf. There will  be whole story, history, myths and some game related notes. There will be everything what I will need to make game (maybe except dialogues). So far everything start making sense and I think that when it will be finished it will be really nice expansion to already existing world of L.B.A. 

Of course I won't share this document with you but I can share this map that I done to organize in my head how whole planet look like.