Thursday 31 October 2019

2 Years Later Video

Like always I don't know where or how to start. This is like the 10th attempt to give form my thoughts in the way that they make sense. A sc....ew that. 
Probably all of you are thinking: how did we end in this place we are right now? I myself asked the same question for the last few months and I blame this guy:

I was so stupid to fall into his trap. Filip, I want to believe that you are proud of yourself. Because of you in the last few months, I spent a lot more time on that project than I should. This was supposed to be developed in a stress-free manner without deadlines and thanks to you it turned out into a long sprint to deliver.

And mark my words I held my side of the deal: October you getting an update. Let's skip the part that I'm doing it with style. Stretching it to the limit and publishing on the last day of the month, in the evening, just before midnight. 

I'm releasing a video in the same month as the 25th Anniversary of the game. I think we can count it as a celebration? Any complaints? 

And I don't care if you think that it is absurd that an adult person cares about some comment he wrote under some other comments. Remember that the same person spent the last 9 years of his life to develop what you will see. 
Since we talking about the stuff I've worked on, here you have it:

Now that you finished watching, some of you may think: why all these changes? 

Because I can, because I want, because LBA design was cool when it was released. But it has aged a lot over the past 25 years. This is a fact that I have fully embraced and decided to free myself from shackles of the original design and do a deep dive into the unknown. What you see in the video is a result of this decision: 

My own twisted interpretation of the original Little Big Adventure.

If you like my vision, share it with others. Lets spread the word that Little Big Adventure is not dead and even after all this years, it can still look sexy and has a lot to offer. 

The last but not least important share what you think about it, what was your reaction when you saw it? I'm really curious to hear if you were disappointed or impressed or whatever else happened? Guys this is a result of the last two years of my life (+7 before content restart) so I'd like to hear some of your thoughts :D


Wednesday 23 October 2019

GiC, new video and stream

Game Industry Conference is behind us and it was great. I meet a lot of cool people, some of them even knew about Little Big Adventure. One of the more awesome meetups was with Jasiek from :]

Two "rivals" from the past in one photo (He was doing another remake of LBA when I was starting). I had occasion to show him what I working on and talk about my plans regards changes inside the game. It was cool to hear his opinion as a fellow developer.

I had also an occasion to show the game to other people. Most of the reaction was really positive but there were also some less positive ones. One of them was the opinion that I should not be doing a remake of this game. I'm really curious what do you think about this?

Now after all of that excitement, I'm really tired but also really happy and I returned once again to work on wrapping up movie content. And there is still work to do: fixing lighting issues, finding bugs here and there and improving workflow so I could do more with less stress.

In the end, the project is already in a good state and should be ready for the video next week :] As I mentioned in the previous post I will also do:

 Twitch stream 20:00 CET on Thursday 31 October 2019. 

What I will be doing I'm still not really sure :] I thought about showing some of the game, maybe doing some drawing, modeling or maybe just talking for the whole time. Well, we will see in what mood I will be when the time will come.

So till the next week.


Sunday 13 October 2019

Little Big Adventure 25th anniversary

I know that it was a long time from last updates but this time I'm not even sorry for that. I spent countless hours working on new content, improving tech and implementing game mechanics. I know that waiting is not easy but I can say that working on this stuff is not easy either. In the end, all of us know all of this already and there is no need to talk about it more. But hey here we are in the year 2019:

25 years after releasing Little Big Adventure.

This is not a big thing for a lot of people but LBA fans organizing streaming sessions for the whole day to celebrate this event. You can find more info here. I probably will watch some of them.

This year is also special for me because December will start the 10th year of remake production. Now that I think I'm really insane that after all this long time I still didn't give up. I could have this normal life without extra worries, without countless night hours spent on making content and tech for game. I would not need to read all these negative comments about how bad my work is and generally have easier life. 

Sounds like a tempting vision ... but then I would also not read all these great comments from people that love original games and support what I do. I would never learn all of these skills that I need for this game. I would also be a different person ...

.. well enough of this drama and let's move to the point: 

How Coffemonsters plan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a game? 

The schedule is pretty short: 
  • 18/19 October 2019 - I will be at GIC in Poznań where I will have my laptop with the current build of game. I will be more than happy to show what I have and discuss what I'm working on.
  • 31 October 2019 - New video release in celebration of 25th anniversary which will also reveal remake. I'm sure that some of you may be surprised by what you will see :] 
I was also thinking about doing some stream 31 October where I could answer some of your questions. Would anybody be interested in that?

 And that is all for now. Times to go back to working on the project.