Tuesday 4 June 2024

Back in the game.

Last week we discussed how things not going the way we want. This time we won't be so far from that theme. As a reminder, plans were to do Animation. A week later this is still a plan 😁But hey, I was not really in the mood for it. That is why we tackled something different problem: running the game, and oh boy this did not go well. 
Turned out that not testing the game for so long time resulted in multiple points of failure. Some of these failures resulted in data loss. Thank goodness we do not really need to recover it as some stuff will be just redone with new workflows. This will be a good occasion to see how far we got with content creation tools and help uncover hiding inside issues.

Let's stay positive as this week had a lot of positive moments. One of them was when we finally got to see that scene: 

Just a broken main menu, but so much happiness. The game was finally kind of running. Took just a few more moments to make it running enough😁

It still had issues, it uses old animations. The thing is that at this point in time, we are ok with that. Here we would want to say that we finally started to work on animations. 

But this is not necessarily the case. We still did not feel like doing that and spent some time playing around with ideas for the round room seen above. To tell the truth, results make us excited about things that will come.

If you are curious why this picture is so low-resolution, it is on purpose. We will have a whole post just about this location and how things came to be the way they are. I think this will be a nice topic that will serve as a break from these more technical topics. 

This will be a nice place to take a stop with this post. Nice things coming our way. If you are still not doing it we really recommend following the official remake in their attempts to recreate the game we all love https://www.littlebigadventure.com/. What we do is not a remake, it is just a tribute to the game we played as kids.