Sunday 26 February 2017

Update 27 February 2017 - Hesitation ..

I approached this post like 5 times already. Discarding it or heavily modifying then leaving it beyond drafts. Few days later returning back an doing the same thing over again. My biggest source of hesitation to finally press this orange "publish" button was fact that I don't have anything new to show.

It's hard to say: hey great news I spend another month doing something but I don't have anything to show. Well maybe not month because I was sick for almost week. But still ... (sadness).

From funnier facts about this break:
  • Finally done task that triggered all changes in technology that last 3-4 months.    
  • I fixed over 30 issues (starting from really simple one to really nasty one which were on my TO-DO list for months ). 
  • I slowly started work on some new game play features :)
  • I'm officially turned 30 ( I'm old now :) ) 
Lack of things to show is once again my fault because I jumped to depths of technology forgetting for moment about everything else (I love this feeling). Of course I don't regretting this because now I finally work on game and thanks to all changes I done this is really pleasant experience.

What waiting us next ?

I'm still thinking about this :) I have 3 big topics: GUI / AI / Graphics. But so far I think that this will be GUI which should improve gameplay experience and is in the worst state from this three.

So yeah this is all for today. Next post should be already with some proper video.