Sunday 24 April 2016

Wiping dust ...

Wow it's getting dusty here and I see few spiders webs in corners so I think I should do something about this. So we took some break from posting :) it's mostly my fault because I was lazy. No wait it's not that this sound bad. 

Generally last few weeks cached us time when we are limited with our free time :/ We try to balance this with focusing on stuff we need to do for project. Sometimes skipping other parts like posting news. Of course there is no excuse for not doing it for so long but well you need to forgive us this. We do it for free :)

Generally we are in funny part of project where we don't move a lot with project because of my experimentation with animations systems. Most of them are failure which I just thrown away quickly. But I gaining valuable experience in field I'm not expert. This is really good and allow me to come with even crazier ideas :D What I want to achieve is system which won't require a lot of animations because I will need to do them, will be intuitive in usage, flexible so I can do all stuff I want to do with Twinsen and it wasn't dead end. 

This last part is tricky for me because I want to create something what won't be final stuff but in the same time will be nice base for more complicated system. When you finally make system like that you know that what you done is good otherwise there is always something there what bother you when you try to use it.

And so time fly between personal live, creation of animation system, creating testing animations tracing bugs and generally improving stability, reliability and features of engine. Soon I believe I will find design of animation system and when this happen programming should go quickly :)