Tuesday 5 January 2021

2020 summary

2020 ended and it would be appropriate to make a short summary of the year. For all of us, this was rather a tough one. It was full of surprises, changes to our lifestyle, and maybe saying a farewell to people that are close to us. This may create this feeling that everything was bad but I think that there were also some good things that happened.

I personally meet some lovely new people who I would normally never had occasion to meet, I got mentioned in two interviews with the original creators of the Little Big Adventure, and still continue work on the project. This may surprise but we started 11th year of this effort. I'm looking forward to it as the last one brought a lot of nice changes.

From most important ones, the remake is now a proper third-person view game. We experienced the first versions of the magic ball, improved UI, new characters, and locations. Another important change was that we have now more regular development updates (the next one is planned for 17th January 2021). 

This was of course only what I served to LBA community. I personally loved a great celebration of the games anniversary organized by Phreak. The fact that we were able to listen this year to the symphonic version of music from both games. There was also the growth of at least two other LBA related projects which looks super interesting.

Because of all of that, I think that 2020 ended not so bad as it could and there were some good things in it. What is in your opinion the best Little Big Adventure related thing that happened to you in 2020?