Once upon a time there was a kid who loved games. He loved them so much that one day he started learning how to make them. It wasn't an easy task, but he continued forging his skills and gathering the experience necessary to build a game. During his journey, he found other dreamers who shared a similar goal.

Our kid grew with each year, participated in a few indie projects, and even started working in the professional game development industry. At this point, his story could have ended, but his dream was larger than that, so he started his own small project.

Not everybody believed that he can succeed in his efforts. Time passed and his project grew bigger, more complicated, and at the same time more beautiful. But everything needs change, such are the basics of this world. That's why today,  21-05-2015, "Angelus Production" stops making games and in its place is born:

Coffe Monsters™

The goal is still the same "Little Big Adventure Indie Remake", so don't worry, I'm not throwing away my dreams - I'm still the same small boy who started this journey. What the future brings - I don't know, but it looks brighter than ever before.
To be continued...

Greg Wojciechowski

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  1. Hey mate, don't give up. I always check this site for progress reports since I think 2015 even! Keep it up, I'll gladly donate if possible, for a cup of coffee ofc + lotta cookies ;D