Saturday 9 January 2016

New year update

Our holiday break just ended. We took time to spend it with families, rest a little bit and gather strengths for upcoming year. And in this lazy mood we passed to another year of development. For me this is sad and in the same time really happy moment.

Sad because this is 6th year of development and I still cannot show you finished game. I spend endless hours on it and its still far from finished. Happy because I see progress and how everything improving. So lets look on year 2015 and check what changed in project:

Year 2015

If I would be asked to describe shortly what we done in this year I would say that we focused mostly on Technology development. Between 01/01/2015 and 31/12/2015 there was 569 commits to git repo. Which giving nice number of more than one commit per day :D . And a lot changed:

This list I wouldn't call completed but it should give you overview of amount of work that was done. Remember that in meantime I was changing job and moved from Canada to UK. If not this this year would probably be even better :D

Year 2016

This year will be a little bit different :] We will of course still push technology forward. I plan to change file system management and do more improvement wherever I see place :) but it's no longer our priority. I feel that our technology matured enough to move step forward. Our goal for this year is game and we already have some great achievements in this matter:] 

Game work on AMD and Nvidia Graphics cards.

This is important because it's proving that resource system work the way it should :] Right now game require support of OpenGL 3.2 but I have already plan to increase it at least to Open GL 3.3 to support ARB_instanced_arrays which will be useful for vegetation.

06/01/2016 we created first build of game.

Yep this was big achievement for us because finally I could share build with Alejandro. This is important step because now I will be able to continue work on creating system for continuous build release which should allow us to have new build each week.

Another small "break"

I know that we didn't posting a lot in last month. Well we didn't post at all :D but this state will continue for next 3-4 weeks. I know that this is long time but we want to use this time for planning and finishing few started stuff we started. When we will return we will repay you this silence with really cool stuff :] This one thing we can promise you.

So to next time.