Monday 8 March 2021

January - March - 2021

This last year was a really weird one. I will say that I'm happy that it ended but we still need to deal with its aftermath in this year and every next one. This won't be easy but well, there is not a lot of other choices here, then just move forward. 

This year I wouldn't call a boring either. We are still isolating at our places waiting for our turn to get vaccinated, and doing stuff that we can to not get crazy. I spent time working, playing games, making a game, drawing, doing some electronics, assembling models, and probably a lot more stuff that I just forgot. If you doubting my words there are some samples at the bottom of this post. 

Well, in the end, you probably did not end here because of my hobbies but because of the remake. You may not believe but there is a lot happening around it. Some of them are under my control and others not so much. But in the end, I still working on it and plan to give you a playable version. Still don't know when but I will and I'm excited to tell you that we are few steps closer to this moment:

The new YouTube video focuses purely on the game progress but there is a lot more happening than just that. I did also improvements in technologies and tooling. Everything to make stuff you see possible. In the end, most of them are still work in progress but at a slow but steady pace, we are moving forward. If you are interested in these more technical details I recommend coffemonsters twitch channel where I cover in update streams the game and tech behind it.

From other more important news coffemonsters have now a discord server where you can discuss with me and other people the remake or just have a chat about random stuff. I'm always happy to do both of that. 

The last "announcement" (funny how formal this sounds) I am taking a break in March from streaming and plan to do some rather light development. I will be back in April.

Now only thing that left is just to ask you: how are doing? Do you have some tips on how to better deal with whole isolating? do you have some hobbies that help you with it?  


RGM-79SP GM SNIPER II model (assembling and painting)

Atari 800 XL controller (I also made a USB adapter that allows to connect it to PC).

Some old-style drawing: