Sunday 29 May 2016

L.B.A. Preview 15

Yep it's this time of year, were we have new preview. This time number 15 which by coincident is exactly the same number as internal build number :)

As you can see this time there are some visible new gameplay elements which give slightly impression that this may be even game :] Just slight of course but as you see project going forward and we don't lying saying this all the time.

But well this milestone is behind and we can move to next one: Recovering some basics of movie system with editor to bring back moving platforms in sewers and prison. When it will be done I don't know but we try our best :)


Thursday 19 May 2016

Slowly but steady.

There are days when I completely don't know what to write posts about. There are so much changes in so many places and non of them look like it is really worth showing right now. But well maybe my expectations are too big.

Generally progress on game moving forward. Extension of animation system I was talking so much for last few weeks start taking shape and already brought new stuff to game: first version of jumping and new problems to resolve :) So I slowly sculpting this system trying to make it work. But improvement won't be visible without good input data so I spending some time trying to level up in my "animator" skill.

For interested I reading currently "The animator's survival kit" which is really good book if you like to learn about animations. After reading half of it I see visible change in quality of my animations: they are just bad not terrible anymore. I still need a lot more practice to get to some satisfying level but I will get there.

Other then that there are a lot technical things like changes in Constant Buffers, Recovering of editor tools, improving of graphs widgets and generally a lot of small changes which make my life easier.

Probably some of you are also curious what waiting us in future :) After animations system in place there will come next preview of game and we will see then. Like my teacher of Japanese was saying: one cookie at the time.