Sunday, 31 May 2015

Progress #3

Another week, another progress but sadly slow. I done what I could with amount of time I had. There is not a lot but I need to say I'm satisfy with results.

So let's move to this week changes: I finally started to use SQLite as a database to wrStringID (this sis class containing {Hash(Text), Text} I know it have a lot of names i.e. SID ). Thanks to use of database I can recover text with just Hash. I planed this for some time because this is in my opinion nice and clean solution. But I just never had occasion to do it. But it shown with animation progress. 

To do this task I needed few developer tools. Right now they working and are usable inside editor. They are not specific for this one use case so they will be for sure be handy in future. And in the fact this is only bigger things I were able to do. The rest is just bunch of small changes to support new stuff and fix few issues.

From less technical stuff: I found some time to post new tweet with rabbibunny and do some new wallpaper which you can find above (I really like how this one look ). If you would like to see some specific wallpaper/art or info about project just give me info I'm open on propositions. 


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