Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Progress #4

Time is like mountain stream, flow really fast. For me this week was one of this "crazy" one where I didn't done a lot. But a the same time a lot happened.

And here I want to thanks for all people that commented my posts and send me messages. For you this simple stuff may be insignificant but for me they mean really a lot.

So returning to normal stuff of progress posts, this week I focused on animation system. I was developing environment for testing of this system. Not a lot was done but always something. 

And finally my plans for next three weeks: Linux port

Probably curious: Why? 

Reason: For some time I won't have access to my main work stations. So I decided to use this occasion and finalize the Linux port so I could normally develop game on my laptop. This may be not most exciting task but it's need to be done. So I will do it and then move back to animations system.


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