Sunday, 28 June 2015

Progress #6

Writing post that spread on multiple days is interesting experience :] When I started it yesterday I had something like this on my screen when I run the game: 

I started describing what I done and almost finished it. But today I needed to redo it again :] The reason behind it is this view:

Yes: Infinite loading screen :D Good thing about this is that it mean engine is running. 

So what changed in last week : 

One of most important stuff was resolving of problems with make files generation, fixed all linking issue and start game. 

This was so important because I could move to run time errors which shown right away. There were some bugs in platform specific code which I wrote some time ago. I couldn't find them earlier because I didn't had game.

Sadly in meantime of all this migrations I broke some windows stuff. I will be moving right now to recovering windows build to have both platforms functional.

Of course this are just the main stuff but I also still actively working on improving project generator, my Linux workflow and code generally.

From funnier stuff that I done wrong with port:
  • Using amount of processes to figure out amount of working threads. There was more than 600 of them so initialization was taking few seconds.
  • I don't know why but in few places I done exactly the same made mistake with comparing return types of Linux functions i.e :  
if (stat(a_path, &fStat) == -1) {...}  which should be if (stat(a_path, &fStat) != -1) {...}
What next:

Right now I have few things planned. Fixing windows build, porting editor to Linux and of course animation system. I wont write here details because it would probably lost with time. But you can find full description on new planning page that I added to blog. And like always progress page was updated also.


Right now I think everything going nicely. Till now whole porting is great success. It shown some weakness of some engine systems. This is one of the reasons why I started more active development of new file system (I plan to do it from almost half year).

What will come next I don't know but right now I'm satisfy with progress. So Cheers and till next week.


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