Sunday, 26 July 2015

Progress #8: ... it's Sunday already ?

In life there are days when the only thing you dream about is going to sleep. In day like that you are not really tired, you sleep a lot day earlier and still your eyes are closing. 

This week I had a lot of days like this so not everything went how I planned. But well such a life there are better and worse weeks. For sure good information is that I finished all stuff I planned with only half week delay from what I estimated. In this time I done:
  • Editor is working on both platforms
    When I started I thought there would be more problems with it. Right now I know that there is still big amount of tweaking that need to be done so it work the way I want. But hey it work :D And this is good start for improvements.
  • New project generator support visual studio and clang
    To say truth the porting of visual studio generation was boring like hell. Well what to expect from rewriting xml generation from C++ to Python. In the end I extend old system a little bit so right now I generate *.vcxproj, *.filters, *.sln but anyway I'm happy that this task is behind me.
  • Recovering of build system
    Right now I still don't have access to my build machine but I like when whole building system works. So after switching 100% on new project generator I decided to repair build system and throw away old project generation.
That is all I succeeded to accomplish. This may not sound like a lot but this is first step in direction of something bigger. My plan right now is to finish moving animation system to resources and finally bring game to life :] 


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