Saturday, 15 August 2015

Anatomy of LBA : Part 2

Last week we discuss about one of the easiest race in Twinsen universe: Rabbibunnies. This week we will try approach I think the hardest race in this universe: Spheros.

Anatomy of Little Big Adventure
(Part 2: Spheros)

Once again let's check what have to tell us about this race:
Spheros - This race of small bio-androids has been living for years on Twinsun as an endangered species. Unfortunately, they have been unable to breed for a very long time and have only a dim hope of seeing tiny spheros cavorting around their gardens.
This is surprise for me. I need to tell that I expected something different. I never thought about this race as bio-androids so I started digging more in resources available in and find out that this is description from original page of LBA2. Because of this I have thesis (only original authors can verify it): 
originally in LBA 1 they weren't bio-androids. In LBA2 external environment progress to fully 3D which made hard to nicely visualize this race and because of this they came with story about problems with breeding and bio-androids. 
But well because I disagree with original description: Remake will treat Spheros as normal race not some bio androids. If you don't agree with my decision I'm happy to hear your opinion and convincing arguments :)

To convince you that they are normal race check this:

Looking on this skeleton you see why Spheros look how they look. Some people who are not used to seeing this race may think that they are robots. This impression coming from weird way they hold their hands to not drag hands on the ground. The way how other look on them is one of the reasons why we don't seeing them so much in cities. They don't feel there comfortable and prefer to stay in they natural habitat Tree City in depths of Principle Island forest

Other reason that they don't like to hang so much around other races is their height. They have only around 1.20 meter which make them smallest race on planet. In exchange of height nature give them long lifespan (which is around 90 years) and intelligence.Because of that you can very often see them working in universities resolving hard problems of universe. 

I always had hard times to imagine how Spheros race would look, how would behave if it really exists. I don't think I'm alone because if you check you won't see a lot of arts related to them. My first approach to help me with this was drawing of skeleton you see above. Sadly this wasn't enough I still missing their look and I couldn't find it.

And here the story could end if not my friend and great artist Teo Yong Jin which shared with me this one picture he painted:

When I seen it I couldn't believe how simple it was. This one picture defined whole race for me and shown me that my art still sucks :/ 

Well I'm not professional artist but still I want to deliver to you the best stuff I can so I decided to spend 1 hour each day just to improve my skills to be closer art you see here. How it will go we will see.

Till the next time.


  1. I'm so amazed by the love you're showing LBA. As someone who also loved LBA and LBA2 I think its awesome all the great work you've done here. Keep up the good work.