Saturday, 29 August 2015

Contest after break

So where to start? Maybe with small explanation about last two weeks of silence? Or maybe why there is no "Anatomy of LBA" post (We still missing 2 races)? Or why there is no new pictures from my improvement of Painting skills?

Well there is one answer: I didn't had too much time :/ I were changing apartment and doing boring but time consuming stuff like cleaning, shopping, paper works. Good thing is that right now I have all my stuff which finally arrived to UK :]

Because of that I thought about something cool :] 


Ta, da. Yeah I will give to one of you something cool (I think so) : 

Custom made sculpture of one Little Big Adventure character of your choice
 ( If you don't believe I'm able to do this check this. )

We will discuss what kind of sculpture you want, I will make it and send it to you. But before this happen you need to win this prize :] Yeah this is not lottery and you need to do something to win. And here I had small problem because I didn't wanted to limit it to one form (i.e. Art, Writing). I thought about this some time and decided:

In next month (September) publish on my facebook page something what will prove me that you are the biggest LBA fan of whole time. Prove me that you deserve to have this sculpture. How you will do it is your choice it can be video, art, writing, music whatever you imagine.

Contest will end 30 September after which I will try to pick the winner and contact this person to discus sculpture details (it will take probably week or two to make it) and get address where to send it :]

Edit: Remember that likes under your works may influence final decision.


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