Sunday, 9 August 2015

Update #9 & Anatomy of LBA : Part 1

In last two weeks not a lot happened. Most of the time I spend doing bug fixing and adding few stuff which were missing in editor. So booooorrrrring stuff. 

To make things more interesting we will forgot for a moment about game, editor and all this technical stuff I do. In next few posts we will focus more on different aspects of Little Big Adventure: 

The universe. 

After finishing two games I can say that they showing us present time pretty well. Sadly they skip a lot of facts about history, races and universe itself. I know that for some people this may not be so important, but for me this is what shape reality and define what present times are.

  • What was before Fun Frock take control?
  • What was history of planet?
  • What were relations between races in old times?
  • What is origins of races and details about them? 
There is a lot of questions without answers. In next few posts I will answer some of them or at least try. Some other will probably be left without answer.

 In this post I will focus on rabbibunnies race:

Anatomy of Little Big Adventure
(Part 1: Rabbibunnies)

Description from tell us:

Rabbibunny is one of the four main species of Twinsun. The name is deprived from a combination of the words "rabbit" and "bunny", due to their body shape. These creatures have long legs and can run very fast. Their skin colour varies from light to dark brown. There are also several types of rabbibunny clones. Rabbibunnies are common everywhere around Twinsun, and there is even a Rabbibunny Village in the Hamalayi Mountains, consisting entirely of rabbibnnies.

Personally I like and dislike this description. It just missing information. To fill it I started from creating whole rabbibunnies anatomy. This approach allow me to define what kind of race they are and how will they behave. 

My approach was simple combining of two different skulls: rabbit and human and adding similar to humans body. I think that result is pretty nice and look feasible. 

How tall are rabbibunnies ?
I know they should be tall but not too tall because they would look weird. So I used chart of guitar size that I found using google:] Yes, you read correctly, guitar size:

Twinsen height is more than twice length of guitar you see in funky town. I decided that guitar of length 77 cm is the best. Based on that Twinsen is bigger than 154 cm and around 165-170 cm sound nice. The next step was rabbit bunnies which are really tall so without ears they are like 180-190 cm and with ears 210-220 cm. Everything is just my approximation and may change. But at this point look nice and somehow realistic. 

How long live rabbibunnies ?
This one is tricky I decided that they will be the shortest living race in Twinsen universe. Rabbits in real life have lifespan: 8-18 years. Because in game they more like humans I decided max 70 years.

How many children?
This one will be probably like 1-3 each at the same time.


Most of the information here is my own decisions base on some available data. If you think I'm wrong I'm glad to hear your opinion and fix information/facts which are wrong :] Till the next post.


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