Sunday, 13 September 2015

Anatomy of LBA: Part 4

So today we finishing with races :

Anatomy of Little Big Adventure
(Part4 : Quetches)

How tradition telling let's check :
Quetch is one of the four main species of the planet Twinsun. Their shape resembles human, and they are characterized by a pony tail haircut. 
Quetches are scattered on various islands around the planet, and are not concentrated in one place.
It is among the quetches that Sendell implanted a line of chosen ones, capable of rising up if required to defend the planet. Twinsen, the hero of the Little Big Adventure series, is a quetch who discovers that he is the chosen one destined to defeat the tyrant Dr. FunFrock.
In realm of Little Big Adventure remake Quetches will be humans.

I tried once to hold the original design like you see on right but well let's say this failed. Comments like:

Jesse: She looks bald
Polaris: That's how quetches look...
Jesse: Yes....but somehow they never made her look bald. It was still feminine.
and the last one :
Aaron2: But Zoe is more fat than the zoe shown in the image! And i know the character but this image doesn't look like her !

Reality is that in low resolution graphics some things works but when you move them to higher resolution they fail. So decision to make them human is just safest choice to make the world easier to accept for people.

Because of this anatomy is really simple so there is no point to put here only human skeleton. That's why I decided to show summarizing pictures for all races:

Small digression: Any of you know how many Quetches are in LBA 1 ?

So well this finalized the all races :] Next week probably small break so I had more time for programming :] Till the next post.


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