Sunday, 7 February 2016

L.B.A. Preview 14

Promised 4 weeks passed and we are back with new preview. Almost everything went as we planned :] We are +5 builds further in development and on good road to make another preview even better. But before we will get to all comments from our side I recommend checking out new video:

As you can see: "Its alive !" but still don't look nice. And in this place will come Alejandro with his redesigning task which will turn what you see into state of art :] but this will come in future. For time being we will use blueprint for quick mechanic iteration and eventual changes in locations. This should save us a lot of time and time is only resource that we always missing.

Our milestone feature this time was: whole island available to visit. Our goal was to create layout of new location and allow player to walk around. As you see we realize this goal and now you can quickly move between locations without bigger problems. 

From stuff that changed there is new cameras: 
  • Top down with rotation.
  • 3rd person view. 
From our thoughts about them we will probably leave top down view inside buildings and choice in exteriors. This is because we think that buildings look nice with current layout. If we would like to allow 3rd person view inside them we would need to stretch all buildings to make more space for camera (right now it ending right behind Twinsen back which make it game really hard to play). This would make the levels fell weird.

From stuff that don't fully work is: physics which right now in few places blocking character (this is noticeable in video). There is also issue where camera enter some objects. 

What will come next is continuation of work on gameplay and bringing to live another part of it. There is also ongoing task to create new characters design and models for them (yes there will be completely new set of animations created form them). On radar for this milestone there is also few bigger technical task which should make my live a lot easier but I will try to merge them seamlessly into work on gameplay. 

So as you see project is alive and moving forward. Thanks to that I wouldn't be worried that next preview will be in next 2 years. It should be release a lot sooner.


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