Monday, 29 August 2016

L.B.A. Preview 17

So this time I skipped you pleasure of looking on my face :] I didn't done this purposely but when I finished recording it was already evening and when I checked result: strong shadows made my face look like somebody beat me up and in some shots even worse :/ so next time I will fix this. Well with this I will end my prolog speech and  here you have new video:

So as you heard in video there were changes in project ... :/ This is not the best development but I'm still happy that Alejandro even really busy with his work still finding time to help me with project. Well show need to go on.

As you seen we done a lot of changes and a lot more we failed to deliver for this video. Nothing lost. We will have some content for video next month. I will try to do some intermediate post between but I'm recently pretty preoccupy and I'm not always finding time for this so 50/50 fot that.

Like always we waiting for your opinion about our work. If you can share word that project like this exist go on this is always motivating for us. 

What else... Hm... I think that's all I wanted to write so till the next post :)



  1. Hey Greg!
    Very impressive!
    I kinda don't understand this new trend why player can see the whole world from the height of bird flight, because it makes discovering the world no so interesting.
    Instead I offer you and idea, what if ability to look from the height of bird flight would be a magic ability, like a Protective Spell from LBA II? It will use your magic points, also the distance of view will increase with a magic level of Twinsen (is your protagonist still Twinsen?).

  2. Hi :) yeh I thought about this but so far I think that just tweaking distance shold be enough for exterior (now camera is too far). Interior is different story I decided there for flight view because it was easier for me to design and model just for it. I know this is maybe bad excuse but I try to make my work a little bit simpler to finish project and not make it another dead attempt to bring lba back. Generally lets both of us wait a little bit longer to see how it will look when it will be closer to finish :)

    1. I did not want to criticize you, I know that this is development process, I understand that you trying to bring different things in the game to see how they will work and look, please don't think that I am complaining.
      Have you played LBA I mobile? They add zoom in-out feauture, first I was happy to see what a world looks like if I zoom out. But then I realise that after I did it there is no secrets left on the "map", I saw the whole world. This is why I wrote my previous post.
      Of course there is a Globe in LBA II, it shows the islands and where you are, but it does not show you all the details you still have to find out what is going on in the world by yourself.

    2. I never seen this as criticizing. I fully understand what you mean an there for sure won't be zooming out like in mobile version. I thought more about holo map which show area you visited but we will see how it will go.