Thursday, 5 January 2017

Update - 06 January 2017

First post in year 2017 ... year of changes. Like year before soon my age status will be updated with +1. Two more years and I will have round 32 :) 

From other news soon I will be moving to Denmark and I'm in middle of organizing everything related to that. So far preparation going smoothly and it looks that I may have access to my normal PC quicker than I initially thought. 

I also started learning how to play keyboard. Nothing serious but I have a lot of fun doing that so probably try to continue doing it in my free time.

Generally I know all the boring stuff and you probably expected some game related updates.

So let's start.

I more or less recovered icons generation. This thing was bothered me for so long time. It was working than because of all my changes it broke. Then I fix it just to broke it again and it was in this state till now. But now its works ... kind of. There ares some issues with background rendering which shown me also that similar issues may happens when I have multiple rendering windows in editor. This is not easiest thing to fix because it require some changes how I handling rendering and few other things in this code area. I already started some works to fix issue but this is just tip of iceberg and whole problem will be probably on radar for some time.

From other things is that I started preparing test scene containing free megascans models. My plan is to use it as reference to improve rendering in game. In the end it ended like always with some side task which will took me few evenings. 

Terrain materials were working in editor for some time but edition of them not so much. I don't count of course text editor that I used to modify it manually earlier. So yeah now there is proper edition window which utilize icons generation system which I mentioned earlier. 

Now I need to add rest missing functionalities in this area because f.ex. deleting of materials from UI may be useful functionality :) After that I will be able to move back to improving rendering. Good thing is that looking on screens from game even now there is no tragedy (at least not really really big one).

There is a lot more improvement in low level system here and there but they are hard to visualize. So you will need to wait a little bit longer for result of them. And with this I will end this post and finally go sleep.


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