Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Another weeks behind us. You probably once again wonder what happening in the project. Truth is a lot and a little in the same time :)

I don't really remember stuff I was working on for this last few weeks. There were some fixes a lot of improvements. There were some gameplay changes and breaking changes in animation system. Generally all this blending together in my memory right now.

Good news is I still know on what I working right now : Animation system improvements and organizing game. First one is like always: coding coding, coding. This is why I will skip details this time :)

"Organizing game" sound a lot more interesting and it is. I finally decide to "dump" content of my head and create some kind of design document. This should save me when I will be lost.

This document wil contain all kind of stuf. There will  be whole story, history, myths and some game related notes. There will be everything what I will need to make game (maybe except dialogues). So far everything start making sense and I think that when it will be finished it will be really nice expansion to already existing world of L.B.A. 

Of course I won't share this document with you but I can share this map that I done to organize in my head how whole planet look like.


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