Friday, 6 July 2018


I need more often looks into social media. I just learn that even if you forgot about people, people don't forgot about you. That is why thanks for all the comments and sorry for delay in answering them.

Truth is that I'm pretty occupy this year. In my job I work hard with rest of the team on new Memory Profiler V2 that we announced on Unite Berlin this year.
Other than that I also traveling this year a lot more. This don't help me with finding time for working on project but this don't mean that I don't work on it at all. 

I just wrapped up changes for file system. This is important milestone for project because it finally unblocking my work in terrain system which will allow me to continue designing world. 

In the end I'm really happy that I done this changes because code now look a lot nicer, everything works a lot better and I pushed there some extra functionalities that I needed for long time. In the same time I prying that I never do it again. This was rather tiring experience which resulted in 3 months out of project time and it still require at least one cleanup pass to improve code quality. But I will do it step by step while I will be developing rest of engine. 

From other interesting changes codebase reached over 2100 unit tests. This is not a lot comparing to what is needed but already start paying off. They already catch up few regressions in code that I would introduced by my changes and otherwise would be hard to find. That is why I will be continue with adding more tests into existing code. This is not always fun task but it is needed.

So what now ? I'm returned to initial goal of fixing terrain edition. I have already some results which allow me to do some basic edition. This is still not ready for full scale production but it is enough to resume work on new design of islands (yes I will be developing both of them in the same time).  This is great news because I'm unblocking myself to create placeholder of new looks this should push whole project further into development.

In the end I will try to be more responsive for all comments and once again thanks for all of them. They helps a lot with finding motivation to do something for project when you are tired after long day.

More news with something to look on should be coming soon :) 

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