In this page you can find few things:
  • Things I currently working on
  • Estimation of this tasks
  • Future plans
After task will be finished I will be moving it to progress page as task is finished. The task are marked with the priority:
  1. Highest one. Will start even if it mean stopping work on other tasks.
  2. This is important task which will be start ASAP.
  3. It's waiting till I finish all task with higher priority.
  4. This will be done in some free time or when I will need some simple tasks.
  5. Once upon a time - when I will have time and fancy.
List of tasks:
  1. [Finished] Port Editor to linux (Priority:2, Estimation:at least 2 weeks)
    • [Done] Figure out how to generate Qt files.
    • [Done] Connect generation with project generation.
    • [Done] Fix all linking/compiling errors.
    • [Done] Validate Linux build.
    • [Done] Validate Windows build.
  2. [Finished] Use new project generator for generation of Visual Studio projects (Priority:2, Estimation:1 week)
    • [Done] Generate *.vcxproj
    • [Done] Generate *.vcxproj.filters
    • [Done] Generate *.sln [optional]
    • [Done] Unify workflow between windows and Linux.
    • [Done] Test both platform.
  3. Port animation system to resources (Priority:2, Estimation:TBD)
    • Convert raw data to readable format.
    • TBD
  4. Add some additional stuff to project generator. (Priority:4, Estimation:1 day)
    • Add on windows generation of plugins manifests.
    • Add on linux safe copy of file.
    • Recover flags support
  5. Documentation to new File System (Priority:5, Estimation:2 weeks)
    • Describe how new file system will work.
    • Describe whole flow of it.
  6. Some way to generate webpages like this (Priority:5, Estimation:1 week)
    • [Done] Find some nice way to handle this
    • Think about connecting it with some app.. [optional]

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