Friday, 2 October 2015

In the end ...

... I found some time so let's start this week post.

First few word about contest. Yes I didn't forgot about it. But sadly nobody even tried to win sculpture so there is no winner. This was a little bit demotivating because I offered my own time and money and in the fact nobody care. But well lets forget about this and move forward.

Probably some of you are curious what happening with project that I skipped posting and I need to say a lot. 

As you know I still working on new animations. Works going not somehow terrific but consistently forward. Soon there should be some visible effects which I will try to show. 

The stuff you don't know is that I made few decision about things for game. 
  • There will be no behaviors in form we know from original Little Big Adventure. I still thinking about: normal <-> stealth. But the rest will be out.
    Comment: I removing it to simplify my work.
  • There will be one of control mode.
    Yes I know that I was talking about two but in the end I decided that one mode will allow me to better polish it and there will be a lot to do there.
  • There are coming changes to Little Big Adventure world.
    Comment: I took another look on current Citadela Island and this is not quality I want to achieve. So there will be a lot of changes in the design of level you seen. I already work on this really active as you can see bellow on screenshot from my wiki:

So as you see I do really a lot of stuff on which I think is worth waiting. If you don't think this way your loss because I'm getting really excited about this new level design and all other changes.

And on the end something different: how do you like my new approach to Zoe ? I'm really curious about yours opinion.



  1. I understand that things were much simpler back then and our imagination do the rest. Also this simplification had been dictated by technology. Improving the characters is a very serious step and I don't knew if it is good or bad, but I really like this Zoe.

    1. Yeah not a lot can be brought 1-1 from original game. About improving characters I understand because I also don't know on 100% how it will end but I try to give them 2nd life not replace them.

  2. I like the new look. As a concept art is very good. I agree with Алексис, improving characters is risky.
    Personally,I wait for new gadgets, new islands, new planets :)