Monday, 19 October 2015

New life of Twinsen

Last two post mentioning my design process but I never talked about it :) This is good occasion to show some of work I already done to bring back Twinsen to life in HD :] 

Twinsen from original LBA
I don't know about you but for me Twinsen is mysterious character. Everything starting with unclear movie showing end of world. Then we are thrown into escape, reunion with Zoe and here capture. So Twinsen become hero and save beloved. Somewhere in between all that he saving world. Because why not :]

Let's not forget also about his weird house and ancestor Hégésippe which was killed by pirate LeBorgne.

When you write it like this this is complete absurd story. But this is what impress me in the game: with this amount of information when I was finishing game I felt connection with Twinsen.

But lets move forward and once again lets quote twinsunica :
Twinsen is a young quetch from Citadel Island, Twinsun. He received praise and fame for freeing Twinsun from the evil dictator FunFrock during his first adventure, and saving Twinsun from destruction as well as ridding Zeelich from Dark Monk's curse during his second adventure. Twinsen is the last person in a secret line of heirs. This line was so secret, that Twinsen himself did not know about this until the need came up for the heir to rise up and fight against the tyrant (FunFrock), as fore spoken in the prophecy described in the Book of Bù. Twinsen's appearance is marked by his blue magical tunic, Sendell's Medallion and his Magic Ball. This was his default attire throughout most of both his adventures. 

Because of his adventures and quests for the greater good, Twinsen is well known for his courage among the people on both planets, but he remains a modest and friendly attitude. He stands up for the common people, as he has the strong urge in his blood to stand up against injustice, a common trait amongst the line of heirs.
Some might say that before and during Twinsen's first adventure, Twinsen was rather shy and perhaps softer. He became more talkative and verbal around the time his second adventure started.
I really liked the underlined part. He didn't know anything about it but he know about magic tunic and magic in general. Which was weird because in first game he is only one character who can use it :]

It's funny to troll a little bit but let's move to the proper topic :]

What will remake bring to this character

Twinsen design sketches
When I decided on some more drastic changes in game I knew that that Twinsen need plastic surgery. Amount of details on original one was nice in 1994 not in 2015. There was of course not a lot of time to do this but finally one day I went to my favorite coffee shop and started drawing. Results maybe not most artistic one but they about quick checking idea. 

As you see I tested some approaches. I don't like some of them but I like final one which I use officially right now. Biggest change is in robe which I think right now is more practical and looks nicer. Thanks to magic bag next to his waist you can explain why he is able to carry so much items with him.

Of course this is not the end of whole design process because I still need to figure out few things i.e how magic ball works :] In remake it will be magic device which make sense because it's physical, show in inventory and when you throw it always return. I still don't figured out how it would be work but well I will do it when time will come.

The other thing that I plan to improve is background of character. I will try to add more information about Twinsen and his ancestor. In the end I want to make him as much believable character as it can be in world where magic, Sendels, Grobos, Rabbibunnies and Spheros exist. This will be funny challenge which will for sure bring a lot of exciting moments. 

The only problem that I have right now is time. This is limited resource for me. But well I will figure out this somehow because the adventure need to continue.


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