Monday, 26 October 2015

Small update.

This time not long but I'm in meantime of doing animation graphs. I finally got to sweet spot where I'm satisfied with the way I support it and can move forward with whole system :)

Not long ago I shown some low resolution screen shoot of my wiki. You could see there some iteration over maps and buildings. One thing is sure you couldn't see there too much (That was the plan). There was even nice reply:
Looking good! Do you have a link to that wiki page with all the Citadel Island iterations? Looks interesting.
Today I fill this gap a little bit and show how I plan Pharmacy to look in Remake:

Pharmacy building
(Blender render)
Why only pharmacy ? Mostly because I don't want to spoil too much :) Anyway all the iterations you seen on my wiki have similar look to this (I like to call this blueprint model). They are simple representation of world and they will stay like that for some time :) If you curious why I will explain this more in details in next post :)


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