Monday, 30 January 2017

Update - 30 January 2017 - Visible progress ..

This was pretty long week from last post. There was really a lot of issues that were fixed in code. There is still a lot to go but well at least I have some results of my work that I can show you. Prepare:

Yeeee.... I know. It looks almost exactly like any other screen I done so far for editor. But guest what it's not because I replaced some of the icon with new one just for break from debugging...

Yeeee .... still even with that it almost the same thing but running on Linux. So welcome in my reality where I spends hours which resulting with the same stuff on my screen over and over again.

Good news is its slowly coming together and work. This bring some hope for future. Maybe soon I will do some new stuff. But first things I need to do so more fixes because there are still few issues to fix.


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