Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tech time #1

This time some lets catch up with changes that happened in LBA in last month:

Animation System 

Big part of change with moving Meshes, Rigs and Animations to resource system is finished. Thanks to that I have one way to handle most assets. I used this opportunity to update my Blender plugin and develop whole system a little bit more.

Of course there were some problems that shown in meantime of doing it but well there would be no fun if it was to easy. So my to do for resources is :

  • Finish animation resource
  • Do bigger test of all new features
  • Improve quality of animation (This was reason behind all this changes).

Tools Changes

This change was not planned, really. After finishing changes with resources, came time for testing. Like always my expectation from tools are very hi. And because of that objects tools (Tools for quickly iteration with objects) needed some upgrade. But there was small problem :

The threading of editor worked a little bit different than game. 

So I decided to change it. This is how threading in editor look right now :

Part of change is done (Game and Editor work the same way right now). But there is big regression in editor features. So right no I focus on recovering all of them.

Finally if you like pictures in this post they are always published on Twitter account @coffemonsters
there is also Coffe Monster facebook page which you can follow if you like my work till now. A lot more news from development coming soon.


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  1. Ha, Greg, I thought that your LBA is dead after you joined ubi forces ;) It's nice that you still have free time to develop and improove your toy. What fascinates me more is how to hell you find even more time to make all those drawings and sculptures ;) which are soo cool by the way. I love to read your posts about tech, but it would be cool if they were a liitle more educational than just a story. Something like i had a problem like this, and i solved it like that, you know what i mean. Cheers to you and Slawek from all old guys here at tech (and some new ones too) :)