Saturday, 21 October 2017

Tech Demo 2 (With download link)

When I starting write this post it is 22 October 2017 5.30 AM in morning I'm tired but excited in the same time. After this long waiting I can finally present you "Tech demo 2" and I need to say that its bigger and more complicated than I thought it will be. Because of that and few other things this build is really special for me and would love if it would became the same for you.

That is why this time there will be no long presentation what is done, there won't be long video or even my voice there. I'm simple giving in your hands piece of software on which I spends hundreds of hours and small teaser. This time with original music from Phil Vochey (I want to believe that I won't have problems because of that :D ). And here my job ending now you can have fun with it, record your own videos, share it with others and like always comments. I'm really curious what do you think about this another step to create real remake.

I'm sadly aware of some problems that can be seen in build. But standing in decision of postponing release or share build in current state I decided it will be wiser to release it in this form and deal with issues in next release. This way I won't be tempted to move build and you will see how project changed.

From technical point of view I sadly cannot say that this was smoothest release ever. Because of big amount of new stuff that I pushed into this build I had tons of problem. But this was expected and gave me a lot of knowledge of weaknesses of tools and technology. On other hands some other parts worked extremely well and speed up whole publishing process.

Now I stand in front of hardest challenge. I need to write postmortem and decide how to fix all this issues. But this will be done somewhere in next 2 weeks... I need some rest.


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    1. I need to recover it. The last time I work on it I fixed all compilation issues but sadly there were some run time problems at startup (and I put it on side for moment and focused on windows release).

  2. Hello, first thank you very much for your work. I hope that someday comes a day when it will be finished. I am very happy that you made a tech demo, but I cannot run it. Is it possible that it is not compatible with Windows 10 x86?

    1. Hi, I dropped support of 32bit machines some time ago so sadly you won't be able to run it :( I decided to do this mostly because of additional work that was required to have this mode running. Sadly to move in direction of finishing project I needed to cut some stuff.

    2. OK that I can understand. So I will wait and hope that when the full release comes I will have x64 maschine.
      Anyway thank You for your work.