Saturday 29 January 2022

Little Big Adventure 2022

The last two months are pretty interesting ones for the LBA community.

  • We learned about the new name for the official games
  • We got a message from Didier Chanfray regards the plans for the IP
In meantime Coffemonsters is silent ... Some may think that because of the announcement of the official project we gave up on ours. The reality is that we know we cannot compete in terms of news from [2.21], they are the creators of the official project. Members of Coffemonsters always were and will be supporting them in their work to bring us games from Twinsun's universe. 

But this also does not mean we gave up. While reading the message from Didier Chanfray we can encounter the sentence: 
"If you wish to create something around the original games yourselves, we've open-sourced the code for the original games and will support any fan project/mod to the maximum of our capabilities."
This makes us believe that there is a place for a project like ours. What we doing is not a competition to the official game but a tribute to the original games and people who created them. This is our reimagination of them and answers to the question: What if ...? 

This led us finally to the topic of our "LBA: Tribute" project which still moving forward. Like always we spend a lot of time on technology and tooling but we also try our best to never neglect the game. We recently added our first, rough version of the skeleton:

We have some nice use cases for it in the scope of the tribute (1st island). While iterating on camera and character movements we also created new clothes for Twinsen. 

From other important announcements, we plan to be a little bit more open about our development processes. This should translate into more development news at our discord channel (, more news about work in progress stuff, and our long-term goal is to release development builds to everyone. This should allow you to look into the newest changes and explore the world we created while waiting for the official game. The reasons why this is not happening right away, are technical issues that we need to resolve before releasing builds.

We believe that right now we have really exciting times for all fans of LBA. I know that we all wait for more news from But I also want to believe that news and progress from our small fan project bring some joy to your life. So, till the next one.


  1. Calling it Tribute was a good call, it definitely distinguish from what the team is doing, but there is a caveat, you will have to release it before them :D