Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dr. FunFrock

This who with Twinsen saved world or two know who FunFrock is. For this who don't know he is this evil professor who created clones. Thanks to them he started ruling world. But even this wasn't enough for him. Why? What he was searching for? Is this important in the end? He is the bad guy ! Who look like that:

If all his deeds weren't enough: he kidnap Zoe. Your beloved one. Why? Even after all this time I don't know. What was the point of sparing her life? He even dragged her to Sendell's Well? 

What I suspect she could be key to all what was hidden there. But why and how I won't tell now. You will need to wait till the release of the game. There you will find the story parts which you still don't know.

Thanks a lot for my Great Art Master Teo Yong Jin for this really inspiring picture of FunFrock.


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