Monday 8 July 2024

Dr. FunFrock

This time we feel like we should talk about something nontechnical. Sadly we do not have something specific in mind so I will try to reply to question 2.21 posted recently on X :

For me personally, I have mixed feelings about the new version of Dr. FunFrock. I think that the changes done to his face will fit nicely with the new style. The addition of a mustache and eyepatch is also ok as it gives him an interesting look. I really do not mind changes like that. 

What I do not like is his body. I watched this fragment from the trailer at 25% of the speed and his posture looks pretty muscular compared to the chooby version we know from the original game. I kind of liked how he was before as it gave him this unique look compared to all the classic evil characters. Another aspect that feels weird, is his clothing. Looking at his shoulder pads I suspect that they wanted to show him as a dictator, with a look closer to general than as a researcher. But I once again am not really sure if I like these changes.

Still, this is the first look at his new design. Looking forward to the finished version of the game.

We know that this is a short post but this was a tough week where stuff with the project did not really go how we would like it. The plan was to actively work on a new animation system and we ended up repairing stuff and going in the circle with some other changes. This is part of the "fun" of making the game with its custom technology. Want to believe that this week will be better. 

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