Saturday 29 June 2024

T&T - Tribute and Technology

While writing posts we always want to share everything that we do. We talk about art, technology, and design. We never thought about it as a problem. Things changed recently when were writing yet another post and it hit us that there may be different ways of doing it. That is why we want to experiment with a more focused approach, where posts are focused on only a single aspect of our work. We don't know if this will work out but we are looking forward to your feedback what do you think about it :)

I would like to think about White Rabbit Engine as a project of love. When I started it 18 years ago I was young, passionate, and full of dreams. I wanted to create something awesome and this was a way for me to make these things come true. If I saw where we got with it I would be blown away by the things we achieved. I would be also terrified by how long it took to get here. 

But here we are 18 years later and I would describe my feeling more like one you can find in an old married couple. While working on the projects there were ups and downs. Successes and failures. The initial passion disappeared, and some dreams failed. This may sound grumpy but this is how things are in real life. 

But don't worry, what was lost was replaced by different things. I found pleasure in the creation process. I found joy in resolving hard problems that we encounter all the time. I had hundreds of discussions about the work that was done and what I wanted to do. I realize that even if those initial feelings are not there the project is still a project of love. Maybe even more than in the past as this love is mature.

So far we talked so much about the engine and we know that some of you may not really care about it and just waiting for the Little Big Adventure: Tribute to be done. We are painfully aware that the process of creating this game is slow. We are also aware that if we switched to Unity or Unreal we could probably achieve the same results faster. But then let's think together. 

Why do people follow us? 

Initially, we worked on the game that people love. Wish that there was a modern version of the game was probably the reason why a lot of you started following our struggle. These days we all have something we wished for, an official remake from 2.21 that looks really promising: 

What holds people to projects?

With this official remake, some lose interest but there are still some that stay with us. They may do it because they wished for a different approach to the game? We are aware that some of you do not like the direction that the official remake took. We think this is perfectly fine to have such an opinion and Tribute maybe something closer to your vision as we plan to continue the direction that we chose some time ago. 

What really defines this project?

We would say that what defines this project is our approach to its development and the custom engine is one of the aspects that make it what it is. For us Tribute is part White Rabbit Engine project and White Rabbit Engine project is part of Tribute. That is why we are glad that 2.21 does not complain about us doing what we do, if they did it we would be in big trouble.  

Of course, as we have mentioned many times this is not a competition to what they do and want to support their work. We want to give you a taste of what could be if we approach the source material differently. This is only taste as this will cover everything to leaving Citadel Island. May not sound like a lot but it still should give you a feel of what we wanted the whole thing to be: An epic adventure. 

Now the only question is did we get stuff right in what we wrote? 

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