Saturday 22 June 2024

Tribute and its small disclaimer.

There is this small post introducing a new logo:

Just recently we noticed a comment written a long time ago:

Shame on us for not noticing it earlier and addressing it. We will try to fix it.

For a long time, we were using the name L.B.A. Remake. This made sense as there were no signs of an official project. When this changed, we wanted to be clear to people that what we do is just a fan project and they should not expect it to be a whole remake. 

This disclaimer is also a play on the lyrics from the song Tenacious D: Tribute. Which in our heads makes sense in the context of our work. LBA is LBA and we will never be able to reproduce something like it. We should not even try and just find our own way of telling its story. 

That is why we added this small disclaimer. It may not be needed but we just like it that way :D 

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